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Big Shops Heading For Kenilworth

Big shops are to move into Kenilworth as part of efforts to tempt shoppers back to the town.

New owners of Talisman Square have been granted planning permission to build a large store and two other big developments are planned in Abbey End.

Town centre manager Joe Baconnet said there has been a lot of interest in the sites from some big firms.

He said:

"A town the size of Kenilworth is never going to get something like BHS or Next, but it is likely that there is going to be a food retailer there.

"There is also a lot of interest from restaurants because Kenilworth has a good reputation for eating out."

Mr Baconnet added that the owners of Talisman Square, Jalna, who bought the site two months ago, had a great deal of flexibility when deciding their options.

He said a number of empty shops could be knocked together to make a larger unit if the demand was there as Warwick District Council had already given planning permission for such a move.

Mr Baconnet said the changes were essential as a way of allowing the town to compete against rivals such as Coventry and Solihull.

But the prospects for the town were good, he insisted.

He said:

"We’ve got an affluent catchment area with a population that largely works away from the town and shops there at the weekend.

"I think the work will make a big difference in attracting more people.

"A lot of people from the area have been coming in for the Farmers’ Markets, and this should become a permanent fixture, while the other developments will also help."

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