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Is Kenilworth Ready for Euro Invasion?

Workmen are rushing to finish off work at Abbey End in Kenilworth, ready for a Continental Market next weekend.

While Kenilworth traders are worried all the improvements under way will not be finished in time, market organisers are all set for their three-day next starting on Friday July 7. 

Traders from all over Europe will be gathering at Abbey End to sell their wares. The Continental Market event will build on the huge success of the French Market in Kenilworth last year. 

The event has widened its appeal from a mere Gallic show, because of the declining Anglo-French poltical relations over farming earlier this year. 

It will be a chance for Coventry people to enjoy a continental market - as their planned event was cancelled in the wake of anti-German feeling while the Rover Crisis dominated the headlines three months ago.

The Kenilworth continental market will include traders selling cheese and clogs from Holland, waffles and beer from Belgium, wines of Europe, Portugese lace, plus many more traders from Spain, France, Germany, and Italy.

And coiniciding for one of these days will be the normal monthly Farmers' Market in residence at Talisman Square - on the Saturday. It will be an opportunity to develop a greater following for the already hugely successful Farmers' Markets. 

Paul Skett of EG Skett and Co said: 

"If the Continental Market Event raises people's awareness of the Farmers' Markets then it can only be a good thing."

The Continental market will run from 9am to 6pm on each of the three days (5pm on Sunday).

Joe Baconnet, Kenilworth town centre manager, said: 

"Events like this help to raise the profile of the town, and are good fun for everyone involved. Everyone asked when the market event was coming back to town, so I hope that people will support it."

Guy Hues of Continental Markets said: 

"People travel a long way to come to these markets and we're confident that the colour the event brings to town will benefit everyone. 

"It's a little taste of the continent in Kenilworth and it's a perfect opportunity to try a host of European languages in one day!"

This week should has seen the completion of the 400,000 work for the front of Abbey End with repaving, new bus layby, roundabout work and tree planting, but it may not all be completed on time.

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