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Lemmings Ready To Drop In Leamington

A flying stuffed hedgehog will be whistling through the air in Leamington on Sunday, with dozens of people ready to follow in his entrails.

More than 80 people have signed up to take part in a bungee jump, which is part of the Christmas celebrations.

First to take the elastic plunge will be Herbie the Hedgehog, the mascot of the Warwick Accident & Emergency Hospital Appeal, who will face the drop at midday.

Ian Coker, Town Centre Manager, said others were prepared to follow lemming-like over the edge.

He said:

"Already registered to jump are journalist from each of the local newspapers, two people who are jumping to celebrate their birthday, a group of waiters from the Shalimar Restaurant and six members of staff from Boots the Chemist.

"Several people have already indicated they have raised several hundred pounds for their jump.

“Jumping will take place throughout the afternoon with Father Christmas making the last jump which will switch on the lights at about 5.30pm.".

"We are getting people contacting us on a daily basis to register. People will also be welcome to turn up on the day, pay their jump fee of £50 and jump.”

Those still interested can register by contacting 01926 456017.
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Dick Whittington - Royal Spa Centre, Leamington - 21 Dec 00 to 8 Jan 01

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