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County Council's Finances In Safe Hands

Warwickshire County Council is pleased to announce the appointment, this week, of Dave Clarke as its new County Treasurer.

Mr Clarke takes over from Steve Freer who has been County Treasurer since January 1992. Having previously worked as Warwickshire County Councilís Deputy County Treasurer and Head of Financial Management, Dave is ideally placed to use his experience and proven ability to ensure the authority continues to receive high quality, professional guidance and advice to develop its key policies and strategies.

Mr Clarke said: 

"Warwickshire County Councilís Treasurers Department has a history of providing a high quality service. My predecessor, Steve Freer, ensured that our department has earned an outstanding national reputation for its approach, particularly in the area of developing quality. 

"This performance has been reflected in our recent achievements: CIPFAís prestigious Harry Page Merit Award and the Public Sector prize in the Midlands Quality Awards for the last two years running.

"I look forward to continuing the good work and am keen to further develop the quality of our service to our partners, customers and, above all, the people of Warwickshire."

A major responsibility of the County Treasurer is to develop appropriate financial strategies, define corporate financial standards, and ensure they are observed throughout the authority. In addition, they are responsible for ensuring the authority has in place effective operational and specialist financial functions to meet its objectives. 

The County Treasurer represents and promotes the reputation of the County Council on both a local and national stage, provides leadership to its staff, leads and supports a wide range of corporate initiatives, and acts as head of profession to finance staff throughout the County Council.

Warwickshire has always considered the appointment of a proactive and dynamic County Treasurer as a key step in ensuring that Best Value is provided across its full range of services; social services, services to protect the environment, education, and other services to the community. The authority is confident that the new appointment will continue this tradition.



Dave has worked for Warwickshire County Council since June 1986. His most recent role saw him employed as Deputy County Treasurer and head of Financial Management. Prior to his employment with Warwickshire, Dave worked for Leicester City Council.


Dave has a Degree in Mathematical Economics from the University of Leicester. He is also an active member of CIPFA, the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting.


Dave is 43 years old, married with three children. In his spare time he plays the guitar in a local bluegrass band, is a keen gardener and DIY enthusiast.

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