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Council Pleas For More Cash

Council leaders in Warwickshire say they are hopeful of winning extra cash for the county’s schools following a meeting with a government minister.

They met Minister for Local Government Hilary Armstrong yesterday to plead their case for a review of the way funding is calculated.

Compared to other areas, Warwickshire loses out because of the way the Standard Spending Assessment is worked out.

The county’s financial needs for hundreds of different services are tied to a calculation made in 1991.

But councillors say the formula is unfair and it leaves them with a shortfall.

Council leader Cllr Ian Bottrill said schools in the country fell victim the most to the injustice and an extra £130 per child was needed to bring the county up to scratch.

He said:

“The SSA looks at a lot of special factors, like special needs, but doesn’t pay enough attention to the basic core needs for everybody.”

Cllr Bottrill said there have also been severe problems funding other areas including the fire service.

He said:

“We overspend by 35 per cent of our SSA, but we still don’t meet the requirements set by the Home Office.

“We are very hopeful that our views have been taken on board. Very few other local authorities have been invited to give their opinions in this way.

“Warwickshire has a good relationship with the government. We have been quick to adopt the new structures and we were a Best Value pilot authority.”

Warwick and Leamington MP James Plaskitt, who was also at yesterday’s meeting, said improving Warwickshire’s deal was his top priority.

Mr Plaskitt added:

“We cannot break free from the SSA without their being a review of the whole system. My job is to make sure Warwickshire gets a fair deal.”

Planned changes in the SSA structure will be published in a consultative Green Paper in the summer and a bill to make the alterations law is expected to come out at the end of the year.

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