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Warwickshire Carers Granted A Break

Children with disabilities in Warwickshire and their families are set to benefit from a £70,000 cash boost.

They will be able to go on short breaks after the money was awarded from a government grant.

Warwickshire County Council's Social Services Department got the money from the government's "Carers Special Grant" to spend across the county on short breaks for disabled children.

Cllr Sid Tooth, Cabinet Member for Social Services, said:

"I am delighted that Warwickshire has received this funding. It means that the council will be able to offer more much-needed respite care to disabled children and their families.

“Short breaks give children a chance to meet new friends and enjoy new activities, whilst their parents get a well-earned rest and time to spend with each other and other family members."

Angela Lee, Social Services lead officer for young carers, added:

"Every year we are hard pressed to meet the need and this extra money will make a big difference to children and their families.

"Some of the money will be spent on 'packages of care' for individual children while some will be spent on playschemes, so that in addition to our current support of summer playschemes we can now extend these to other school holidays."

Warwickshire Social Services has been awarded £409,000 from the government's "Carers Special Grant" to spend on carers during 2000-2001.

Projects for adult carers, young carers, and respite care for disabled children are being set up around the county.

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