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Warwick Residents Get The Hump Over Traffic

Part of Warwick could be traffic-calmed after residents raised a petition calling for action.

People living on Woodloes Avenue South called on local councils for protection from speeding traffic.

A scheme is likely to cost 15,000 and a third of that figure has been pledged by Warwick Town Council. 

And a county committee has pledged another 5,000, so the search is on for the same amount again to pay for the scheme to go ahead. Warwick District Council said it would not contribute at this stage.

It is not likely to come from the accident reduction scheme budget, because with only two injury accidents in the last three years there are many sites with a higher priority.

One option is to take money allocated for villages, but that could cause bad feeling. Set in urban Warwick, this site would hardly qualify for that money.

A meeting of the county council cabinet tomorrow will be asked to find the extra 5,000 so the project for speed cushions and road humps can go ahead.

It will be affect Woodloes Avenue South and Woodloes Avenue North which almost form one continuous road encircling the Woodloes Park estate in the north of the town.

If approved, there will be public consultation with an exhibition and leafleting of residents.

The call for action has been backed by Warwick county councillor Ken Browne who acted after receiving a petition from residents.

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