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Pupils Have To Move After Gas Found In School

Pupils at a school in North Warwickshire have been moved a few miles away after health fears caused by the detection of hydrogen. They have moved into buildings that closed after a schools reorganisation.

The site of Nursery Hill School, Ansley Common, lies close to landfill sites and it has been monitored for methane since work to extend the building began in 1996.

Recent tests showed there was hydrogen, and education chiefs have moved the children to a different site to allow tests to continue for at least six weeks

A meeting was held last night to explain the problems to parents. And youngsters were bussed off to the former Hollies Infant School in Hollystitches Road, Camp Hill, from today.

Eric Wood, county education officer, said:

“A precautionary measure, we are relocating pupils on a temporary basis while further tests are carried out at Nursery Hill School.

When building work was taking place for the new extension at the school in 1996, traces of methane gas were found. As a precaution, inspection chambers were installed in the school and these are routinely monitored every three to six months.

“To date, all these tests have shown the levels to be well within safety limits.

“It was during one of these routine inspections for methane gas that the instruments detected the presence of hydrogen in one inspection chamber. The levels of hydrogen are relatively low, but high enough to cause concerned.”

And to allow further tests, children are being bussed to another school, away from the mine workings.

Pete Staveley, environmental health officer for North Warwickshire Borough Council, said:

“We have written to residents nearby informing them of the situation at the school and as a precaution we are asking for their cooperation in checking a sample of houses to make sure no hydrogen is present.

“There are no special measures that need to be taken at this stage. Any resident who is concerned can contact our environmental health department on 01827 719404.”

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