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More Buses To Run In Countryside

Public transport is to be improved in rural Warwickshire after the government gave a £325,000 grant to keep buses running in the countryside.

The annual subsidy to fund commercially unviable services is to be increased by £160,000 from its current figure of £600,000 a year.

Money to allow bus routes to keep running is also likely to be increased in future years.

Environment and Transport minister Bob Ainsworth, who is MP for Coventry North East, also announced cash for the county to buy two minibuses for community groups to hire.

Andy Stokes, Warwickshire County Council's Passenger Transport Manager, said he is delighted at the news:

"Many rural bus routes are simply not commercially viable. However, Rural Bus Subsidy has given us the opportunity to fund new bus routes and enhance existing services to provide levels of provision that rural communities require to give access to the facilities they need without having to rely on the private car."

"All communities in Warwickshire with a population of at least 50 will now have at least a weekly bus service, thanks to the Rural Bus Subsidy.

“This additional funding will enable us to further improve the frequency and quality of services that are available."

The new minibuses will be available to groups based within Stratford District, with one based in the east of the district to help Southam and surrounding villages, and the other in the west. Priority will be given to groups with members who are mobility impaired.

Rural Transport Partnership Officer, Louise Ferro said:

"Research carried out last year showed that there was a real need for a community facility such as this, and we are delighted that we have been able to secure the funding needed to take this project forward so quickly. We are hoping that the scheme will be up and running within three months."

Mr Ainsworth said councils who had spent their money well were being given more funds to help isolated communities.

He said he hoped that innovations being made in the region would spread:

“One of the most exciting things is a real-time information system in Shropshire.

"It’s currently available in urban areas, but if it can work in the countryside it will lift the bus from the perception of being a second-class for of transport.

“I hope that this works and we can see it in other rural areas such as Warwickshire.”

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