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Coventry City Agree Link With Juventus

Coventry City have agreed a formal link with Juventus which could lead to an exchange agreement with the Italian giants.

City’s chairman Bryan Richardson said:

"It is a formal link, but it does not involve cross-swapping of shares or anything of that sort.

"It is a link which we hope will develop. We could be swapping people for coaching and generally co-operating with each other and helping each other. Gradually we hope to improve what we have here in terms of our playing staff."

Richardson and Coventry’s manager Gordon Strachan met with Juventus officials last week after spending several hours in talks with Inter Milan which resulted in two players signing for the English club on loan.

"It was an extraordinary few hours at Inter. They were so friendly and made us so welcome. They offered us their No.2 goalkeeper Raffaele Nuzzo and an exciting 18 year old midfielder Antonino Caruso on 12 months loan and they told us we could sign them permanently at any time in that period.

"Mauro Milanese came up during our conversations and we could have access to him as well," said Coventry’s chairman.

Coventry’s bid to sign striker Stefano Gioacchini from Venice could fall through however. The player impressed during a three months loan and City made a bid to buy him.

Richardson said:

"We are not miles apart but we are enough apart at the moment that I am digging my toes in and they are digging their toes in. Hopefully something will transpire within the next few days."

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