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Australian Supporters Club For Sky Blues

Coventry City may not be one of the best supported sides in the land but their fan-base is set to span the globe following the formation of an Australian supporters club.

Former Nuneaton resident Spencer Harrop has joined up with Australian Sky Blue Daniel Batt to start Coventryís following down under.

Harrop left Nuneaton at the age of nine, but had already been bitten by the City bug, and this was heightened just one year later when the Sky Blues triumphed at Wembley.

The 23-year-old now hopes to find other City fans in Australia after starting the supporters club.

He said:

"I have been a City supporter since I can remember and when I used to watch them my favourite player was Mickey Adams.

"Not that many people in Australia pay attention to Coventry, most people out here follow Manchester United because they get more coverage but Iíve started corresponding with other supporters by e-mail and hopefully we can get the club up and running."

And Australian Batt, who supports the club because he father hails from Coventry, believes that the signing of John Aloisi has raised Cityís profile down under.

He said:

"The football media in this country will be more inclined to give a mention to your team if an Aussie does well for them and the Aloisi signing was given a good mention in the Melbourne newspapers.

"The only time we get to see Coventry matches are when the team are live on Sky but we keep in touch with the results all the time via the Internet."

The supporters club has been hailed as a "great idea" by Aussie striker John Aloisi who admits it is nice to think that people back home are tracking his progress.

He said:

"I didnít know there was a supporters club but I am really pleased, the profile of football in Australia is rising all the time.

"Hopefully I can start scoring some goals for Coventry and raise the clubís profile back home to get them some more members!"  


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