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Strachan Gag After Tranmere

Coventry manager Gordon Strachan has slapped a gag on himself and his players following the 5-1 Worthington Cup debacle at Tranmere Rovers.

In an unusual move Strachan has told his players to stay silent and take their punishment like men from the fans and the media for their abject performance. "We deserve what’s coming," he said.

In a terse statement the little Scot said:

"I don’t want my players saying anything. It will only sound like excuses or self-pity, so I don’t want anything said by the players or the staff – and that includes me.

"The performance in the second half against Tranmere leaves us open to justified criticism and we have to take it.

"We can’t wipe away that performance with words, it has to be by performances.

"Players and managers can make themselves feel better by saying things people would like to hear but I don’t think we should be let off that lightly.

"It might sound religious, but I think we should be punished for that, whether it is by the media or the fans. We have to accept that.

"We deserve what’s coming to us, we have to accept that. We have no means of retaliation unless it is through our performances."

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