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Froggatt Injury Worry For England Call-up

Steve Froggatt, Coventry City FCCoventry wingback Steve Froggatt learned from the media of his inclusion in Kevin Keegan’s England squad for Wednesday’s friendly match against Argentina.

The Sky Blues player had not been told officially by the football club when the media congratulated him on his inclusion.

He was clearly taken aback and exclaimed:

"Is it a wind up? Am I really in the squad?"

It was true, but now he faces a huge disappointment if he cannot overcome an ankle injury to be fit to play if called into Keegan’s team.

He collected the injury in last weekend’s home match against Sunderland after a late challenge by Nicky Summerbee and Froggatt said:

"I am still unhappy at the way I got hurt and it will be a huge disappointment if I am not fit."

He is rated doubtful for Coventry’s match at Middlesbrough on Saturday and said:

"That is my main aim at the moment. If I can’t be fit for Saturday I shall report to England’s headquarters on Sunday where I expect to be assessed by the England medics."

Froggatt’s first call up by Keegan for last November’s Euro 2000 play-offs against Scotland was considered the shock news in the squad, but the player said:

"It is more surprising this time for me, although it is always a surprise to be called up by England, I suppose."

Froggatt goes to join up with England with glowing praise from Coventry manager Gordon Strachan.

"He has been playing better over the last two months than the first time he was selected. Good luck to him. He deserves it," said Strachan.

Asked if he would prefer Froggatt not to play for England if there was a risk his ankle injury would be aggravated, the Scot replied:

"I could never stop anyone playing for his country."

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