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Fans All Write Together For Titanic Read

Ever heard the one about the barmy Dutch Coventry City fan who spent an afternoon balancing in his loft so he could find out if the Sky Blues would be relegated?

The devotee was so desperate to hear the Coventry versus Tottenham match on the radio that he chose the perilous position to pick up a signal of commentary of the season's cliff-hanger three years ago.

These and other tales of the escapades of the Sky Blue Army are being collected by a fan for a new book about the Highfield Road faithful.

Fan George Rowland's own addiction with Coventry City began in the 1977-78 season when he witnessed a goalless draw with Nottingham Forest.

From the age of five he was hooked, and went to all the home games and as many away games as he could.

When he went to university he got a job on the gate at Highfield Road to pay for his train fare back to Coventry so he didn't miss a home match.

Now he and fellow fan Paul McKay are hoping to score a winner with a book that reflects the dedication of thousands like them.

George said:

"I now live in Nottingham with my wife and two children. I don't get to as many matches as I would like due to work and family commitments. But my support is still as strong as ever.

"The idea of writing a book about Cov has been in my mind for some time. However, I wanted to do something different from the usual history and stats type book."

He added:

"I'm looking for all sorts of contributions from fans - funny stories, memories of matches, seasons, eras or players, general pieces on what it is to be a Sky Blue, brushes with Cov stars. Essentially anything the fans feel they would like to say or reminisce about Coventry - their team."

Players' names are being used to mark the pages instead of numbers, and people who subscribe to the publication will be able to have their name on a page alongside the player of their choice.

Pictures are being provided by Andy Bland, who does illustrations for the Twist and Shout fanzine.

The book, called 'If The Titanic Had Been Sky Blue', which will not go on general sale, can be ordered for 5 plus 1 p&p by writing to George at:

43 Mansfield Road
Notts  NG16 5FF


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