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Shaw Sees Positives From Season

Coventry City defender Richard Shaw has told Sky Blues fans that the team will not return for next season groggy from last season's away sickness.Richard Shaw

The former Crystal Palace man believes his team mates will wipe the slate clean and approach matches away from Highfield Road with a fresh prospective.

Despite failing to win a single match on their travels last year Shaw insists that it was not until the last few fixtures that the problem started to become a mental one.

He said:

"To be perfectly honest, I don't know if it just me, but I didn't really think anything of the away record until February or March time.

"All of sudden people started saying 'your away form has been terrible', but up to the West Ham game it wasn't really too bad - we had drawn a lot of matches but we weren't getting beaten.

"It was only the second half of the season when the press and the media started talking about it that it really got to the players and even the management I think.

"However, we did manage to get 44 points without an away win so that is a very good thing.

"As far as next season goes it is just a case of wipe the slate clean and go from there, not dwell too much on the problems."

And although the honest defender does not like to blame injuries for City's 14th place finish he admits he has never known such a busy treatment room.

He said:

"This is the worse I've ever known in all my career. A lot of clubs can talk about injury but we have had such a long list with Edworthy, Aloisi, Froggatt, Whelan and myself all out for months at a time - not just a few weeks.

"In Aloisi's and Edworthy's case it is getting to six months now and they are players from key positions."

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