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Two Crusades For Basketball Boss

Coventry Crusaders’ season is ready to go, and boss Dip Donaldson has a new mission off the court.

As his team prepare for a friendly before the start of the new season, Dip has been appointed director of Coventry Youth For Christ.

He will spend 15 hours a week working to spread the word about Jesus Christ to teenagers who don’t go to church.

His work will encompass secondary schools in Coventry and will involve presenting the Christian message through music, dance and sport.

The rest of his time will be dedicated to the Crusaders, who will be limbering up for the new season at Coventry Sports Centre on 15 August.

They will be playing host to a team from Quinnipiac in Connecticut in the United States.

The game will be the first chance for supporters to see versatile new American recruit, Adam Stevens in the Bupa Crusaders kit.

Stevens will be playing along with the veterans from last season like Alvin Scott, Derrick Pope, Mark Bradbury, Colin Rhooms, and Manny Shareland.

There will also be youngsters 6ft 10in Paul Adams, aged 18, who has shown a remarkable improvement over the past twelve months of training with the senior squad, and 6ft Nicholas Pope, aged 15, who has been filling the role of point guard with confidence and efficiency throughout preseason training.

Not a lot is not known about the Quinnipiac team,  who play in the highest echelon of American amateur basketball - NCAA Division One.

Tickets cost £4 per person and will be available on the door. Tip off is at 7.30pm.

Dip said:

“We are really pleased to be back at the centre, it’s a great venue with loads of atmosphere.

”The warm-up match against the Americans will be a real clash of the giants with potential thrills and tensions all the way.

“We have some great players and we have trained hard. I am confident that we can look forward to great success this season.”

More information from Sean Coleman in the Crusaders office on 024 7681 1759.

Meanwhile, former Crusaders players Rick Solvason and Ben Livingston have signed for NBL Division Three side Worcester Wolves.

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