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Crusaders Lure Another Recruit

With days to go until the new basketball season, Bupa Coventry Crusaders have strengthened their squad with another signing.

The final stage of Matt Collins’ move to Coventry from London to play for the Crusaders has now been completed.

He has taken part in the last two friendlies, but his move to the club was still up in the air.

Now he has been given a firm job offer in the city and the Crusaders have snapped him up.

Collins has played basketball for clubs in Brixton, Crystal Palace, Ware and most recently, in Ireland.

He has been a leader in three point shot percentage and in the number of assists he makes during a game.

Collins plays the point guard position, which makes it necessary for him to handle the ball with great skill and speed, and to see the players on the floor so he can set up open players effectively.

Last season he averaged 14 points and a phenomenal ten assists per game.

Head Coach Dip Donaldson said:

“I tried to get Collins last season, but it didn’t work out.

“It just wasn’t the right time for the move, so I am over the moon that it has all worked out for him to join the Crusaders this season.

“The point guard position is so important in basketball, and Collins is a fine example of a very well rounded and talented one.

“We are really pleased to have him here.  His play will add speed and knock up our game to another level.”

Besides his part-time job with Action Against Crime, Collins will also be available to help with the Crusader Foundation’s coaching development programme, taking coaching sessions in schools and in the community around Coventry and Warwickshire.

He will be in action with the new-look Crusaders as they play their opening game of the season on Saturday at the Coventry Sports & Leisure Centre. Tip off is 7.30 pm, and tickets are £4 per person.
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