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Crusaders Ready For Season's Tip- Off

With a unique father and son combination, and players still jetting in from America, the Coventry Crusaders are set for an explosive start to their season.

Outstanding prospect Nicholas Pope will be lining up alongside his father Derrick at the start of the new campaign.

It is believed to be the first time that two generations have played together in this country.

And latest signing Todd Sands will be arriving in Britain hours before his first game at the Coventry Sports Centre.

Eight teams will be competing against each other in the new-look NBL Conference.

And Bupa Crusaders head coach Dip Donaldson said the team’s prospects were looking good.

Dip DonaldsonHe said:

“The team sprit is a lot better than last year, and that has reflected in the way that we have trained and played in our pre-season games.

“This year is the first time that we have signed two new foreign players at once.

“We have brought five players in. Last year we had seven, so it isn’t too many, but this year they are all young.”

With Donaldson himself leading the brigade of experienced players at the age of 41, he thinks the correct blend is there for success.

He said:

”We are experienced but it’s a youthful side and explosive and talented.”

The first match will be against Inter Basket, from London, formerly Islington, with the Westminster Warriors coming to the Sports Centre a week later for a cup game.

Both promise to be tough encounters.

Donaldson said of Inter Basket:

“They are a very athletic team, extremely quick. But I think it will be an excellent opportunity to get off to a good start.”

Matches are being played at the Coventry Sports Centre after a deal to use the Coventry SkyDome fell through. A return to negotiations has not been ruled out, but the Sports Centre has been booked for the whole season.
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