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Crusaders Slam-Dunked By Fuel Crisis

Coventry Crusaders have fallen victim to the fuel crisis, with all national fixtures being called off this weekend.

The English Basketball Association announced today that they are cancelling competitions across the board, despite the petrol blockades ending.

They have done this because there are too many parts of the country still affected by the crisis to make an attempt to hold a programme of fixtures.

The Bupa Crusaders were scheduled to play at home in the Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre on Saturday at 7.30 pm.

It was to be their first leg of the National Trophy competition, involving all NBL Conference and Division One teams.

In the first round of the competition the teams are placed in pools of four teams.

Each team plays each other twice - home and away. Other teams in the Crusaders’ pool are Westminster, Kingston, and Inter Basket London who the Crusaders beat last weekend.

The Bupa Crusaders next scheduled home game will be  30 September when they face Manchester.

The Coventry Quality Cats will also debut at the Coventry Sports Centre that night with tip-off at 5 pm.
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