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Coventry Quality Cats 69
St Albans 39

The Coventry Quality Cats started their first season as a National League basketball team with a huge victory over St. Albans.

Despite only having seven players, the cats were on the prowl and faced St. Albans with confidence and ended up pouncing on their opponents in the third quarter.

The Coventry Cats started off with the lead and went in at half-time ahead 28-19.

They used the first quarter to get first game jitters out as it took awhile to get into the offence and shut St Albans down in defence. However once this was accomplished the Cats were playing and having fun.

The third quarter was the key as the Cats moved the ball on offence with sweet dishes from Wendy Smith and key shots from Emma Brown and Elaine White.

The biggest strength of the second half was the teamwork on defence.

The Cats held St Albans in the third quarter to only 8 points as the Cats had 23 and in the fourth only allowing St Albans 12 points to the Cats’ 18.

The Quality Cats were led by Elaine White with 21 points, Tiffany Mitchell with 18 and Wendy Smith with 10 points.

Coach Dave Lyons said:

 “I am very pleased with the ladies’ performance. I liked the way they moved the ball and worked strong together on defence and I want to build on those two factors.”

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