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Crusaders Hope To Cause A Storm In Derby

Coventry Crusaders are to take on high-class opposition in a bid to get extra practice and sharpen themselves up tomorrow.

They will take on Derby Storm at 8pm tomorrow in a friendly away game.

Coach Dip Donaldson said the aim of the game will be to force his side to dig deep and improve their level of play.

He said:

“The Crusaders will use this as a chance to get themselves ready for the big show down with the high scoring team from Manchester, who are sitting at top of the NBL Conference along with the Crusaders.

“After training against each other all week it will be great to try things out against Derby.

“Playing games is the best measure of one's individual skills and where your team performances are rated."

Derby will be using the game as a last minute check before their season opener against London Towers on Saturday. 

Last year when Crusaders played Derby they matched up quite evenly in a friendly battle that no one wanted to lose.

Donaldson added that although it is just a practise game, players always have that competitive edge which makes them want to be the winners of every confrontation.

He said he expects the game to be similar, although the two sides won’t face each other in any competition this season.
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