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Donaldson Looks To Cast A Spell Over Magic

Coventry Crusaders are lining-up for a top-of-the-table clash against Manchester Magic at the weekend.

Despite it being early in the season, the two teams are hoping to feature prominently in their league.

The first clash of these titans will take place on Saturday at 7.30pm at Coventry Sports Centre.

They have both won their opening league game, and Manchester followed it up with a big victory in their first National trophy match.

Bupa Crusaders coach Dip Donaldson said he believes the key to victory is in keeping the pressure on the Magic.

He said:

“We plan to keep it close and force them into a close match, and hope that the pressure will cause them to make mistakes that will be to our advantage.

“The Crusaders have worked very hard on their team defence this week during training.  We are trying to use the new 24-second clock rule to our advantage.

“I want players shooting the ball under much more pressure than what they are used to.”

Colin Rhooms is returning to the Crusaders team after being in America for the first three weeks of the season.

Donaldson said the 6’1 forward brings a great defensive contribution to the team.

He said:

“He works so hard that it has a positive effect on the rest of the team.

“Now that Colin is here I can do what I need to do with the rotation of the players and getting the most out of them in training and games."
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