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FSA Hits Back At Coventry City Officials

The Football Supporters Association today hit back at Coventry City Officials who are trying to force City fans in the West Terrace to sit down during the game.

FSA Consumer Complaints Officer and local spokesman Kev Monks said:

"The main reason why supporters in the West Terrace do not sit down during the game is because of the lack of leg room, which is less than in every other part of the stadium. It is highly uncomfortable for anyone over 5 foot tall to comfortably sit for 90 minutes. I have had hundreds of complaints from supporters who have suffered injuries to their knees and legs by being sat down.

"This situation is the fault of Coventry City FC who have crammed the new seats in without so much as a thought for the supporters who have to use them and sell tickets for the front few rows which are so low down that people have to stand up, causing a knock down. I invite Bryan Richardson and Bob Rankine to leave their comfortable Directors Box and Ground Control Room to try and sit comfortably in the West Terrace for 90 minutes with the supporters.

"People are paying a lot of money for a seat at Highfield Road and they have a right to be able to watch the game in comfort and safety. Standing in the West Terrace is the only way for the vast majority of supporters to achieve this. With supporters standing it is noticeable how much easier it is for people to leave and return to their places whilst the game is in progress without disrupting rows of people. 99% of supporters who use the West Terrace accept the fact that due to the club's greed, they have no choice but to stand.

"To say that supporters need to be educated to sit down is nothing short of disgraceful and highlights a complete ignorance of the situation."

MORE INFORMATION: Kev Monks  01203 459526

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