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Cameras Return To Uncover Top Nightlife

Producers for a popular television programme will return to a Rugby nightspot after they discovered it was about to celebrate its anniversary.

The weekend of 26 and 27 January marks exactly 12 months since Gas Street re-opened as part of a £1 million refurbishment project, and makers of UK Uncovered decided it would be the perfect time to set the cameras rolling again.

The show, which is a spin-off of the hit Ibiza Uncovered, captured some of the best footage collected from any venue across the UK on its first visit back in August.

Manager Darren Smith believes he owes the clubbers in Rugby a big thank-you for the part they played in bringing the programme back.

He said:

"UK Uncovered is coming here again because of the atmosphere in Gas Street, the last time it was here we gave them an unforgettable show.

"They need to get extra footage for the shows and we are delighted that Rugby has been seen as the place to do that.

“When they filmed here last time the producers commented on how fun loving and friendly the clubbers were and we are very grateful to our customers for creating that kind of reputation."

The 250-strong Luminar Leisure chain, who owns Gas Street, felt the footage from the first show was so entertaining that it was used extensively on the promotional video.

Smith now hopes that the anniversary weekend will again provide show-stopping scenes.

He said:

"To mark our opening after refurbishment we had Edwin Starr and Jackie Graham perform here, they were brilliant and the club-goers loved them.

"We have got even more lined up to mark one year since re-opening and we expected large numbers of Rugby clubbers to join in the fun - it now seems our celebrations will be seen throughout Europe!"
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