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Call For Quality Hotel For Coventry City Centre

Efforts are to be made to attract a top quality hotel to the centre of Coventry to increase the range of tourists and businesses visiting the city.

Conference trade has blossomed in recent years with firms taking advantage of the city’s location to hold their meetings here.

Changes to the city centre such as the Phoenix Initiative, Lower Precinct development and wider promotion of St Mary’s Guildhall are attracting more tourists to the city.

John Heeley, chief executive of Coventry and Warwickshire Promotions, said the city had made excellent progress in cementing its reputation in the middle market.

High-profile projects such as the SkyDome arena and the Arena 2000 development by Coventry City Football Club are likely to raise the city’s profile further, he said.

But he warned that there were not enough facilities to attract the top grade events.

Telling city councillors of his company’s plans for the next year, Dr Heeley said:

"At the quality end in the city we have a problem.

"As the cityscape is beginning to evolve it now seems to be an appropriate time to proactively seek a Stakis or something like that."

Dr Heeley, who was charged with rejuvenating Sheffield’s fortunes before launching the non-profit making Coventry and Warwickshire Promotions three years ago, added: 

"My experience in Sheffield is very much that. It depended on investment reaching a level before they would put their money in the city."

Cllr Kevin Maton (Labour, Whoberley) said the city council should work with Coventry and Warwickshire Promotions to develop a strategic approach to improving the area’s fortunes.

He said: 

"We are still committed to keeping our manufacturing sector, but we are going to be committed to keeping the tourism sector as it is a success."

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