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Godiva And Dog Rewarded For Tourist Boost

Coventry’s modern-day Lady Godiva and a dog called Peggy were among those honoured for their contribution to tourism in the area.

They were presented with prizes for making a long-term effort towards tourism in Coventry and Warwickshire at the Godiva 2000 tourism awards at the Village Hotel and Leisure Club in Canley.

Pru Porretta, who has played Lady Godiva for 18 years as well as running ghost tours and training as a tour guide, was given an award for her sustained contribution.

And Peggy the dog, who has always made guests at Knightcote Farm Cottages, near Leamington, was given a special bowl in honour of her own efforts.

Hotels in the area were also recognised at the special ceremony.

Toffs Country House Hotel near Corley won the award for the Best Welcome, while Coombe Abbey Hotel won the Best Conference Services award.

More than 30 tourism businesses were nominated in three categories for the Godiva 2000 tourism awards, organised by Coventry and Warwickshire Promotions.

Pru said she was flattered to receive the honour.

She said:

“It’s not just about riding a horse or being Lady Godiva. I’m proud of Coventry and I feel that I want to share that with everybody.

“Godiva is a good starting point. Through the role I’ve investigated what Godiva is all about and bought her to life, and that is good for tourism.

“But to become a tour guide you have to pass exams and learn about a lot of other things.

“The thing to remember is that tourism is not just about tourists visiting the city, it’s people coming here on conferences, or visiting friends or relatives, and they have to be looked after too.”

The judges this year were Coventry Evening Telegraph editor Alan Kirby and David Airey, Professor of Tourism at Surrey University (Sustained Contributor Award), James Beresford, director of Regional Policy for the Heart of England Tourist Board and June Picken, sales manager at The Village Hotel (Best Welcome) and Tim Holmes, managing director, Parenthesis Design and Marketing, and Tony Rogers, Executive Director of the British Association of Conference Destinations (Best Conference Service).

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