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Nice Time Had By All At Jazz Festival

This year’s Coventry Jazz Festival hit the right note for most of its visitors according to research by the organisers.

The five-day festival attracted people to the city from all over the country in August.

More than 150 people filled in a survey giving their views on the festival, which featured musicians including McCoy Tyner, Andy Sheppard, Denys Baptise and Annie Whitehead..

One enthusiast wrote:

“It was the best collection of artists I have ever seen anywhere. That’s why I came.”

More than 80 per cent of those who answered felt they got good value for money, with 85 per cent saying they would come again next year.

Many of the answers revealed a typical jazz audience: more than half of the respondents came from Coventry and Warwickshire, nearly 75 per cent were over 35 and word of mouth was the single biggest way of attracting an audience.

But the survey did reveal some surprises, with some fans coming from Poland and Germany. Almost ten per cent were under 18, and almost half were women.

Only a quarter of those attending had visited an arts event in Coventry before.

Bob Marriott, who chairs the festival committee for organisers Coventry and Warwickshire Promotions, said:

“As a Coventry person I was delighted by the comments we got from visitors to the city.

“They not only really enjoyed the line-up and the new venues that we were using, but they enjoyed the city too.”
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