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John Lennon To Visit Coventry

John Lennon is on a ticket to ride for a special flying visit to Coventry tomorrow - to check out the city’s tourist attractions.

Professor John Lennon from Glasgow Caledonian University, one of Britain's leading tourism experts, will be spending the day at the city's tourism company, Coventry and Warwickshire Promotions.

He'll be looking at all aspects of its business, including events, the sales and conferencing operation and the Tourist Information Centre.

He's making a special study of CWP as part of consultancy work he's doing for tourist boards and local authorities in Scotland.

Professor Lennon, who runs the university's Moffat Centre, researching into tourism, has worked on tourism business development projects as far afield as Fiji, South Africa and the USA.

He is the author of Dark Tourism, a study of the way inhuman acts, like the Nazi concentration camps, are now interpreted for visitors.

Dr John Heeley, chief executive of Coventry and Warwickshire Promotions, said the visit reflects the company's growing reputation as a leading-edge agency in the field. He said:

"John Lennon is a distinguished figure in the study of tourism and his work is well known internationally.

“It's quite an accolade that he is coming to make a special study of CWP, because he has picked up the message that we are at the leading edge of good practice in the field."

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