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New Late Night Eating Venue For Coventry

Revellers in Coventry will be able to eat until 4am after a new restaurant was awarded a late night food license.

The Lahoree Corner, on Far Gosford Street, will be opening this coming week after the council’s licensing committee did not receive one single complaint over the application.

Council officer Lauren Kennedy admitted that the application was fairly straightforward.

She said:

"What the Lahoree Corner has actually been granted is a Late Night Refreshment House Licence that applies between 10pm and 4am.

"This allows them to serve food on the premises but it has nothing to do with liquor, they actually do not have a license to serve alcohol on the premises.

"There were no objections to the application and there was no reason for the license not to be granted."

And Lahoree Corner owner Mohammed Malik, who also owns the Nawaz restaurant in the same road, believes that the new venue will have huge appeal in Coventry.

He said:

"There is nowhere else to go and eat at that time of night, and this will be an entirely new concept.

"We are planning to run it as a buffet style restaurant where there will be around 20 dishes laid out and people will pay a set amount and then just help themselves.

"That way they can eat as much as they would like for a very reasonable price in a very nice environment because the whole place has been done out."

The Lahoree Corner will seat 150 people and will also operate as a take-away, working on the same principal as the main restaurant.

"The take-away will be a walk-in buffet where you pay for a container and then just choose what food you want, so there is no waiting around," said Mr Malik.

The Lahoree Corner is now hoping to secure a liquor license.

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Alexander Wines, Earlsdon, Coventry

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