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Young Agents To Battle Evil Dr Smog

Something nasty awaits visiting children paying a night visit to Coventry’s Museum of British Road Transport.

A unique adventure game is being built into a sleepover at the museum to coincide with National Science and Technology week. The night’s theme is how the motorcar has changed the environment.

On Friday night a crack group of 60 special agents from local schools, and scout groups will be moving into the museum in Hales Street and will battle to save the world and make it a safer, healthier place to live.

The agents will be introduced to the evil Dr Smog, who has hatched a diabolical plot for world domination.

Dr Smog's goal is to keep polluting the atmosphere by building bigger machines and burning more and more fuel.

She wants to make millions of pounds selling her evil machines which use the petrol she owns in her giant petrol lakes.

It will be the children's mission to collect components for a 'Green Machine', which will destroy Dr Smog's plans.

Helped by team leader Professor Green at mission control, they will have to undertake a series of tasks which will not only take them back in time but also forward to an apocalyptic future.

Throughout the night Dr Smog and her nasty sidekicks will try to foil the young adventurers as they go about their tasks.

If the children complete the tasks successfully they will collect the parts needed to produce the Green Machine, which will put an end to Dr Smog's evil plans.

When, or if, the evil doctor is defeated the successful agents will then take a well-earned rest, spending the night camping in the museum.

The next morning the young agents will be able to look forward to a world without the ever-growing threat of pollution. To celebrate they will eat a slap-up breakfast.
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