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Top Security For SkyDome

Coventry’s newest entertainment complex will be among the safest in the country – showcasing state-of-the-art technology.

Rank’s £40 million SkyDome Coventry, which houses two nightclubs, a live entertainment venue, a café-bar and a 4,000-seat arena, will have a major focus on customer safety.

There will be a staggering 174 closed circuit television cameras throughout the complex and head of security at SkyDome Colin Kennedy believes it will be one of the safest places to visit.

He said:

"To put it in perspective there will be more CCTV cameras on the SkyDome site than in the rest of the city centre put together.

"The 174 cameras will be recording constantly and they will be monitored 24 hours a day on screens in the control centre.

"They are a huge deterrent to any trouble because anyone who may be out to cause bother will know that anything they do will not only be seen at once, but it will also be captured on video as evidence."

And SkyDome will also be under round-the-clock surveillance from 10 uniformed security officers after Rank agreed a deal with a nationally known Midlands-based company.

Elite Security based in Acocks Green, Yardley Road has appointed Coventry people to work on the site after Rank requested that it recruited from within the city.

And Elite Security area sales manager Michael Gray says that they will now be trained up to a high standard before starting work at SkyDome.

"We have a training facility at our Birmingham headquarters and we will be taking them there and training them on various things from confrontation situations to first aid."

The Elite staff will be responsible for monitoring the CCTV, patrolling the car parks, traffic management, and checking visitors on and off the site and general security of the complex.

Kennedy said:

"We have been very impressed with Elite and the staff they will be providing will be fully trained in all areas, and they are also from Coventry which is great."

SkyDome Coventry has also joined forces with Solihull-based Leisure Sec to supply 65 door staff.

Leisure Sec operates across the British Isles and staff the majority of the existing Rank operations.

SkyDome Coventry Press Office  01203 633647


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