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SkyDome Arena Supports Round Table

A Coventry charity has been given the opportunity for worldwide exposure thanks to the city’s new SkyDome Arena.

SkyDome Arena Coventry & Coventry 23 Round Table

Bosses at the 7 million, 4,000 seat arena, which opens next month have donated the Coventry 23 Round Table prime advertising space guaranteeing exposure every time the venue hosts a sporting or entertainment event.

The arena, operated by Planet Ice, will be hosting major events beamed around Europe and beyond when it opens on 15 April giving the Round Table priceless publicity.

Companies will be paying up to 40,000 for similar exposure and the arena will be generating millions of pounds a year from sponsorship and marketing.

Simon Burnett, general manager of the Arena, said Planet Ice had been keen to give a local good cause publicity and added that the two organisations were now working closely together.

"Working with the local community, we wanted to support a charity organisation in the area. The Round Table does great work throughout the year raising money for a variety of good causes and was an obvious choice.

"It has got four prime advertising spots at the corners of the rink and it will certainly make its name well known across Europe and hopefully raise awareness of the good work it does.

"We open for public skating in Easter week and that means local people will also be aware of the Round Table as well as people from afar.

"Its logo will be alongside a variety of well-known, big name companies. We have to raise revenue from the advertising and a naming right so the overall package will be worth many millions of pounds.

"The Round Table has been working very closely with us and we are now jointly organising a Christmas event which will combine music, theatre and skating."

Coventry 23 Round Table raises many thousands of pounds for good causes in the Coventry area but chairman Peter Georgiades said that figure could be boosted by the relationship with the arena.

He said:

"It is proving a very important and valuable collaboration. Hopefully exposure will lead to more people finding out just what we do and possibly boost recruitment.

"We are also confident the event we are planning will become a regular on the Coventry Christmas calendar."

MORE INFORMATION: Advent Communications  024 76 633636

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