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SkyDome DJ Powers Up Charts For Love

A dance track created for Coventry revellers has soared into the top ten of the charts.

Rob Searle first re-mixed Frankie Goes to Hollywood's 'Power of Love' to play whilst DJing at SkyDome Coventry.

But regulars at Ikon Superclub have now had to lend their track to the rest of the country after it was announced as the sixth most popular tune in the official UK top 40.

Rob learned of his track's success yesterday and admitted the speed of its rise to national prominence has stunned him.

He said:

"I didn't ever expect to see my name so high up the charts, but then I am sure nobody does until it actually happens.

"It became obvious that the track was going to do well when the most respected DJ's like Dave Pearce, Judge Jules and Pete Tong began regularly playing it.

"When it was released last Monday I was in a London record store and I saw my track in the most prominent display racking - that's when it struck me how popular it had become.

"It is fantastic that something I created as entertainment for the SkyDome crowds has become a national hit."

The news has now helped Rob to secure a record deal with one of the top labels - so SkyDome regulars could soon have a hand in more hits.

"The word has spread very quickly and the record has built quite a momentum. As a result I have now signed a deal to release two singles on Warner with an option for an album."

SkyDome general manager Ian Knight hailed Rob's success and admitted it was another feather in the cap of the 40 million venue.

He said:

"We have always told people that SkyDome strives to have the top people in the industry, whether that be guest appearances or our resident staff.

"Rob is the DJ at Ikon on Friday and Saturday nights and I am sure there were a lot of people who heard his name in the charts on Sunday and realised they had actually danced to the record as he played it.

"The Power of Love re-mix was one of the most popular tracks in Ikon and people were requesting it every night - so it was not a great surprise to see that the nation shared Coventry's enthusiasm for it.

"Everyone at the complex is delighted for Rob and it can only be good news for SkyDome to be associated with one of the hottest properties in the industry."
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