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Eastenders Star Stands Up SkyDome

Angry SkyDome bosses were today investigating the mystery behind the non-appearance  of Eastenders star Marc Bannerman last night.

The actor, who plays Gianni De Marco in the BBC 1 soap, was booked to appear at Ikon Superclub, but disappointed revellers by failing to turn up.

The complex secured the appearance of Bannerman months ago, at the same time they agreed to bring co-star Craig Fairbrass, alias Dan Sullivan, to Coventry.

Fairbrass delighted Ikon customers last week and management were looking forward to a similar reaction to Bannerman.

SkyDome operations manager Les Richards apologised to club-goers expecting to see the star and admitted they felt badly let down.

He said:

"Contracts were signed with Marc Bannerman a long while ago and we had fully committed ourselves to the event.

"Since opening in October we have prided ourselves on the fact that have not disappointed customers and it is frustrating that on this occasion it has been out of our hands.

"According to Marc Bannerman's agent he had full details of the booking, did not have any clashes and was fully aware of the commitment to Coventry.

"From our perspective we had everything in place including flyers, adverts and such like so the no-show has cost us a considerable amount of money."

The complex is now attempting to contact Bannerman to establish what happened and are hoping to have news shortly.

Mr Richards said:

"Obviously we will attempt to get something sorted so that another date is fixed for Marc.

"We will then do our utmost to make sure the revellers are looked after including mail-shots to our regular club-goers and discounted admission rates."

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