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Coventry To Be Uncovered By Film Crew

Outrageous Coventry club-goers are set to be exposed after a city nightclub was chosen to be the subject of a TV documentary.

SkyDome's 2,400-capacity Ikon and Diva venues will play host to a film crew from UK Uncovered, a spin-off of the highly popular Greece and Ibiza Uncovered series.

Filming is taking place at various venues across the country before footage is edited for screening in the late autumn.

Crews will gather footage at SkyDome on Friday 11 and Friday 25 of this month.

Coventry has been chosen because of the reputation SkyDome has gained since opening last October, and manager Ian Knight believes it is another boost for the city's nightlife.

He said:

"It will be great to see footage from SkyDome featuring in a TV show.

"Ibiza and Greece Uncovered were massive hits and the shows producers are expecting this to be as well.

"Since opening the atmosphere in the clubs has been great and we do get customers who like to let their hair down - they are the ones who are likely to star in the show.

"Film crew will be out and about in busy bars and pubs before heading to Ikon and Diva - the coverage for Coventry could be fantastic."

SkyDome are running a series of drinks and entertainment promotions to coincide with the event.

A spokesman for UK Uncovered admitted they were looking for clubbers to catch the eye.

He said:

"Clubbers are urged to come to the events in their area, bringing with them any unique talents special looks or crazy ideas.

"The more bizarre or different individuals stand a greater chance of being involved in the culmination of over 300 filmed events throughout the UK.

"People who posses that 'star quality' are guaranteed to be exposed and uncovered."
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