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SkyDome Hits The Million Mark

A Coventry entertainment complex has shattered the one million visitors mark - before it has even been open for a year by attracting people from far and wide.

It was initially expected that the 40 million SkyDome complex would near the landmark at the 12 month stage but management has revealed that it was passed this weekend.

Ikon, Diva and Bonds manager Ian Knight believes that the city is once again at the forefront off people's minds when they plan a night out.

He said:

"We have done research in the queues for the clubs and it is interesting to see how wide the catchment area has become.

"There are a high percentage of people from Stratford, Birmingham, Leamington and even large numbers from as far out as Leicester.

"Added to that we are now attracting many Coventry people who used to travel out of the city for entertainment because SkyDome has something for everybody.

"It is great news for Coventry's economy because it has a knock on effect for restaurants, pubs hotels and many of the city's other businesses."

Knight also took the opportunity to praise SkyDome regulars for the atmosphere they have created in the clubs.

He said:

"You do not get one million people visiting a site unless it has a reputation as a fun, relaxed and secure place to be and that is down to our customers.

"This is a great landmark for us and a real pat on the back for everyone concerned."

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