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Cocktail Push Causes City Street Row

An attempt to breathe nightlife into a medieval Coventry street has been branded “a joke” by residents living nearby.

Clubbers who go to Bonds Cocktail Bar in Spon Street are being offered free entry into the Diva club on Fridays if they are there by 10.30pm and meet the door requirements.

The £40m Skydome complex has proved a massive hit since it opened, with Ikon, Diva and Jumpin Jaks being regularly packed.

But one venture that has not been as successful is Bonds, which originally was branded as a bar that would attract officer workers by day and clubbers by night.

Skydome management hope the offer will attract people to Bonds and say it could draw more people down Spon Street.

Businesses in the medieval road haven’t seen the predicted boom in trade since the complex opened, and some have complained about a rise in noise, violence and mess in the area.

Club manager Ian Knight said:

"We were expecting the huge popularity of SkyDome to have a very positive impact on the night time economy of Medieval Spon Street but for some reason that has not been as significant as it should have.

"We have now decided to give anyone who is in the street's Bonds Cocktail Bar by 10.30pm on a Friday night free entry and priority queuing for Ikon and Diva - providing they meet the door criteria.

"Hopefully, because of the huge popularity of the clubs, this will be a big incentive for people to start their evenings in Spon Street and support the businesses that it contains.

"That means that in the short term we will lose some door revenue for the clubs but the move should slightly redefine the focus of the complex toward that side.

"I am very confident that once we give people the necessary encouragement to visit Spon Street they will see it as an essential part of their nights out.”

The move was dismissed by Kevin Noble of the Spon End Red Brick residents’ association.

He said:

“The whole issue surrounding Bonds was that it was going to be like Browns in Earl Street, and be a place for office workers to use in the day time, but it has turned into a club bar.

“For them to say they are trying to help Spon Street is a joke. They are trying to promote their club.

“If they are serious about promoting Spon Street then they should open in the day time again.”


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