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Man In Wheelchair Robbed In City Centre

A 24 year old Coventry man in a wheelchair had his mobile phone snatched from him in Coventry city centre yesterday.

The victim had just been to a newsagents kiosk in New Union Street when a youth ran past him and grabbed his mobile phone which was on his lap

A young man who was passing by heard the victim shout out and chased the offender, but he lost sight of him by the Job Centre.

Police at Little Park Street who are investigating the incident would like to trace the man who gave chase, as he may have valuable information which could help them trace the offender.

PC Fay Boardman at Little Park Street police station, said:

"This was a despicable and cowardly thing to do to someone who had no chance of stopping the offender.

"The victim was very upset and has said that this has left him feeling very vulnerable."

The offender was described as being a white youth, aged 16 or 17, about 5ft 6in tall, very skinny and with cropped hair.

Police would like to hear from the passerby who ran after the offender, as well as anyone else who witnessed the incident or anyone has any information about who the offender might be.

Anyone with information should call 0845 113 5000 and ask for the city centre sector at Little Park Street police station.

People can also call Crimestoppers if they have any information on 0800 555 111.

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