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Operation Has Impact As Burglaries Fall

Burglaries have fallen by 40 per cent since Warwickshire Police brought in Operation Impact, which included writing to known offenders.

Thieves have been offered advice on getting help to stop thieves burgling houses to steal to support drink and drug habits.

An analysis has shown that the number of burglaries has fallen, compared to this time last year.

Acting Chief Constable Mick Brewer said:

“I am extremely pleased that the results have been so positive with a significant reduction throughout the county.

“Reducing the number of house burglaries is one of our main policing priorities and although Operation Impact has finished, we will continue to target known offenders, promote crime prevention and work with other agencies and partners in the community to ensure a downward trend in burglaries.

“At the beginning of the Operation Impact, I sent letters to known offenders encouraging them to seek help to stop offending and to discourage them from committing crime by warning them of the consequences.

“The response from ex-offenders has been very positive. There has been a significant increase in the number of people asking for help from drug referral agencies, particularly in the north of the county. There have been only three crimes known to have been committed by people who received the original letter.”

During Operation Impact, there have been 317 house burglaries in the county – compared to 531 this time last year. This is made up of:

113 in Nuneaton and Bedworth (188 last year),

74 in Rugby (82 last year),

91 in Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth (185 last year),

39 in the Stratford area (76 last year).


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