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How To Cut Crime - Explained In A Colour Book

Everyone in Rugby should read a new booklet aiming to cut crime rates in the borough, say Warwickshire Police.

The 16-page full colour booklet has been written and produced by Rugby Police Community Safety Unit. It includes advice on how to prevent crimes that the public say concern them most.

It will be delivered with free newspapers this week, and it looks at crime prevention and personal safety. Officers say it is a useful reference to keep for the future.

The topics covered include: home and shed security, personal safety, racial harassment and where to report incidents of racial harassment, vehicle security, bogus callers and distraction burglaries, property marking.

Pc Mick Reynolds, community safety officer at Rugby police, said the Warwickshire force is committed to preventing crime and ensuring the ongoing safety of people in the borough.

He said the public continues to say burglaries and car crime are the key offences that worry them. He added:

We want people to look at this leaflet and not just simply toss it into the rubbish with some of the other items that come through the letterbox.

Its full of local advice about what people can to do to protect themselves and their property and once people have read it, it would be a good idea to put it away with other important documents so you can consult it again in the future.

We can say without any hesitation at all that if everyone followed the advice that is contained in this booklet we would substantially reduce the amount of crime that concerns the public most and causes hundreds of Rugby people untold inconvenience and heartache every year.

Although copies are being delivered to every home in Rugby, people who do not receive one can call 01788 541111.

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