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Heroic Teenagers Commended For Rescue

Four teenagers from Rugby are to be personally thanked by Warwickshire’s chief constable for saving an eight-year-old boy from drowning.

John Burbeck will give each of the lads a certificate of commendation at their school assemblies next week.

They are being praised for their quick-thinking that saved the young boy’s life after a game led to an accident on 14 July.

The youngster was playing with a fiend by Brownsover reservoir when he fell over the wall and plunged into the chilly water.

Unable to swim he was forced to cling onto reeds in the water to stay afloat.

The four teenagers spotted him about 45 minutes later and launched their rescue effort, with each of them playing a part.

Jason Scott went to get help on foot, and then went to the road to point the emergency services in the right direction.

His twin brother Craig tested the mud at the water’s edge for firmness with a stick, and then went and threw a coat to the boy to help him keep warm.

Jason Davies cycled along the canal path on his bike to Clifton-on-Dunsmore to raise the alarm, while Carl Lewkowicz waded into the water and, using low branches, got to the young boy and helped him along a reed bed until the arrival of the fire service.

While they were waiting for help to arrive, the boys called out to the youngster to reassure him and keep him awake.

Once he was plucked from the water he was airlifted to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and has since made a full recovery.

In Mr Burbeck’s personally-written commendation he said:

“It was very good luck that you all came across the boy and indeed spotted him lying in the water.

“Had you not taken the actions you did it is likely that he would died either by drowning or hypothermia.”

He will award the certificates to the Scott twins at their assembly at Ashlawn School next Wednesday, while Carl and Jason will get theirs the following day at Avon Valley School.

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