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Don't Gift Wrap Easy Pickings For Car Thieves

Police in Warwickshire are urging people not to give opportunist thieves a gift-wrapped present by leaving tempting goods on show in their cars.

A campaign is being launched to highlight what kind of things are regularly stolen from cars in the county.

Motorists are being warned to conceal anything that might prove tempting. The list includes obvious valuables such as golf clubs, lap top computers, tools, money and briefcases to simple things like a can of drink.

Det Supt Vernon Jones, who was today launching the initiative, said:

“Although we are pleased in Warwickshire to report a dramatic decline in car crime in the county, we are working on further initiatives to reduce theft from cars and theft of cars.

”Last month a newly-formed unit was set up in the county targeting car thieves.

“Based in the south, a team of five officers are focusing on intelligence-led policing.

”As a result, ten people have subsequently been charged with theft from and theft of vehicles.

“In 1998/99 there were 8,691 incidents in the county, and 8,621 in 1999/20000. During the first six months of this year there have been 3,643 – a reduction of 23 per cent compared to last year.

Det Supt Jones added:

“Throughout the county we are working towards identifying and catching the criminals and I would urge the public to support us by making it difficult for thieves to success.

”Don’t leave any possessions in vehicles and follow basic crime prevention advice to reduce the risk of car theft.”

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