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Police Try To Snap Kids Away From Drugs

Money seized from drug dealers is to be used by police in Warwickshire to spread warnings about illegal substances to schoolchildren across the county.

The drug awareness campaign will take to the road next month to urge youngsters to report any suspicious activity.

A new stand carrying information about the campaign has been funded by the money confiscated from dealers, Stratford Rotary Club and South Warwickshire Neighbourhood Watch Association.

The campaign, called SNAP, which stands for Say No And Phone will be taken around 18 secondary schools, accompanied by local pop singer David graham.

Det Supt Steven Hussey, who agreed to let the drugs money be used for educational purposes, said:

“SNAP is the successful Crimestoppers drug awareness campaign that is actively trying to inform and educate young people into making the right choice.

“Using cash seized from dealers to help pay for projects such as this is, in my opinion, making good use of those funds.”

Barry Armitage, who sits on the Crimestoppers Board and is the county representative for Neighbourhood Watch, said:

”Neighbourhood Watch members can be assured that this display will be used at as many school as possible.

“We hope children will make a SNAP decision every time and be safe from harm and drug-related crime.”

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