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Don't Let Trick Or Treaters Step Over The Mark

Hell-raising Hallowe’en youngsters are being warned to take steps to make sure the evening doesn’t become a living nightmare.

Warwickshire Police say they have received an increasing number of complaint about children playing Trick or Treat in their neighbourhood.

PC Seamus Faulkner said youngsters and their parents should also bear some safety tips in mind to make sure that they are not at risk while out having fun.

He said:

“Some people might not like this tradition but it is becoming more popular as we follow the trend of the United States in dressing up and trick or treating on 31 October.

“We hope parents of children who are planning to dress up this year and go trick or treating will follow our advice and ensure the night passes happily and safely for everyone – and that means not only the trick or treaters but the householders they visit.”

PC Faulkner said children should never go out alone – they should stay in a group of at least three and preferably have an adult with them.

They should wear clothing that can be seen by other road user, and not go out late at night or visit the homes of elderly or vulnerable people

Pick homes that are well lit, don’t go into a stranger’s house and respect people who do not want to give anything.

PC Faulkner is also telling householders that they shouldn’t feel obliged to open the door or give anything, and shouldn’t give money.

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