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Bedworth Parkers Face A Darker Future

Motorists who park illegally in the pedestrianised part of Bedworth town centre will find themselves having a doubly nasty shock soon.

Fines for higher parking tickets are being introduced next week, and the new community officer for the town has pledged to get tough with miscreants.

Cars blocking the pavement have been one of the largest sources of protest from members of the public and PC Jason Darker has pledged to take the fight to the drivers.

He has already issued 160 non-endorsable fixed penalty tickets and given out 20 cautions to people breaking the parking regulations in Bedworth.

These fines will increase from £20 to £30 on 1 November and endorsable fines will go up to £60.

PC Darker said there have been three problem areas: Church Way at the rear of the HSBC bank, where motorists park in the path of a turning circle, High Street outside the police station and library, and King Street outside the banks.

PC Darker said:

“People know now that I am around and about and will ticket illegal parkers when I see them.

“The public told us this is something they want sorting out and we are determined to listen to their concerns and clamp down on drivers who park inconsiderately and irresponsibly and put other road users in danger.

“Many motorists persist in driving through pedestrianised areas – particularly when they are using the town centre cash machines – simply because they cannot take the trouble use one of the car parks.

“That is unfair to pedestrians and disabled drivers.”

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