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Fuel Protestors Told To Keep On Moving

Fuel protestors have been warned that police in Warwickshire and the West Midlands will clamp down hard on any slow-moving convoys moving through the area.

Drivers could face prosecution if their actions are deemed to be threatening the lives of others.

A fuel tax protest convoy is expected to come through the region at the weekend, and organisers are to be served with a notice under section 12 of the Public Order act.

It will specify a prescribed route to which the protestors must stick.

A spokesperson for Warwickshire Police said:

“The force is adopting a robust approach and will act to maintain the free flow of traffic and ensure public safety while recognised individual’s rights to peaceful protest.”

Motorways in the area, particularly the M6, M40 and M42 could be at risk of severe congestion this weekend.

Meanwhile public bodies in Warwickshire have been working together to avoid the chaos that paralysed the country during September’s fuel crisis.

Contingency plans have been drawn up to protect Kingsbury oil terminal in case the blockades return.

Hospitals and councils have developed plans to keep services running if petrol stations are forced to close.

Warwickshire’s Acting Assistant Chief Constable Derek Cake said:

“It is by no means certain that there will be the sort of protests that we saw in September. However, as a county we are well prepared for such events and the public should remain confident that any disruption will be dealt with swiftly and firmly.

“People have a democratic right to protest, however, where the break the law or put others in danger, we will take robust action.”

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