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Police To Patrol A&E Department

Police are to be stationed in an Accident and Emergency Unit at a hospital this weekend to prevent staff being attacked and to encourage victims of violence to report their crimes.

Special constables will be on hand in the George Eliot hospital in Nuneaton at busy times on Friday and Saturday night to offer help to victims of violence who turn up for injuries.

They will encourage victims to give details of the matter while it is still fresh in their minds, and also help hospital staff deal with the aftermath of any violent incident.

The initiative has been launched today, even though Warwickshire has a relatively low record of violent incidents. It is part of Operation Impact On Violence, which aims to reduce the number and the culture of violent attacks.

Nick Carver, chief executive of the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust said:

“I am delighted with this new development.

“The presence of two special constables in out Accidents Department on Friday and Saturday nights provides an opportunity for the public who have suffered violence from whatever cause to report it straight away while the events of what has happened are fresh in their minds.

“Caring for people in this way is, in many instances, as important as dealing with their physical injuries.

“The police presence will provide reassurance to our staff and other patients on the two nights of the week that seem to attract violence.”

Chief Inspector Mabs Sahota said:

“The special constables will provide important uniformed support to hospital staff who often deal with the aftermath of violence and hopefully encourage more victims of violent crime to come forward.”
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