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Pagers For Parents To Track Truants

Parents of children who regularly play truant are to be given pagers so they can be informed when their youngsters have skipped school.

The idea has been developed by police in Coventry to stop the truants from becoming involved in crime or targeted by criminals.

The pagers, which will be given to parents at Alderman Callow School in Mitchell Avenue, Canley, are being paid for by a £550 donation from the West Midlands Police Authority’s Community Initiative Fund.

Insp Henry Allcock, who is based at Fletchamstead Highway police station, came up with the idea after being concerned that youngsters who play truant could be vulnerable while out of school.

He said:

“The head teacher works hard with local parents to ensure their children attend school and take advantage of the education on offer.

“His efforts are supported by my officers who work in partnership with local community leaders, as youngsters who do not attend school are at risk from becoming a victim of crime or involved in crime.”

Insp Allcock said the school would use the money to buy pagers, which would be issued to parents of children likely to truant.

He added:

“It will enable the school to contact them immediately if there is a problem with their youngster and hopefully help them to deal with it without delay.”

Head teacher Roger Whittall said:

“The governors will help us support parents who find it difficult to know if their children are attending school after leaving the house in the morning.

“Unless children are in school, they are not being educated. This is one of the many strategies we have in place to encourage 100 per cent attendance and productivity.

“The money will also be used to reward pupils with 100 per cent attendance.”

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