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Pee-Wee Bikes To Be Crushed

Miniature motorcycles seized by police after they were ridden illegally in Coventry are to be crushed to prevent the menace returning.

A campaign to stop “pee-wee” bikes being used dangerously in the Wood End and Bell Green area has been hailed a success.

The bikes, which are designed for children, have been driven at high-speed around the area on pavements, parks and even across people’s gardens.

Police were concerned that they were being mis-used by adults.

The designer bikes, which cost around £500, can be modified and driven at speeds of up to 40 mph.

They are outside many traffic laws because they are covered by rules designed to exempt people from needing a driving licence to use a lawnmower.

It meant that disqualified drivers could use them without fear of prosecution.

Police decided to use off-road bikes to try and catch the people using the bikes dangerously.

Officers were previously unable to catch the high-speed hooligans because they were able to escape from patrol cars down alleyways or across trough ground.

Bikes that have been caught and confiscated by the police are now to go under the crusher at the Waste to Energy plant in London Road.

Superintendent Andy Nicholson, operations manager of Stoney Stanton Road, said the promise to tackle the problem had been delivered.

Coventry North East MP Bob Ainsworth said:

“We continue to push the authorities for better legislation on this issue. However in the meantime I am really pleased with the progress made by the police.”

Ward councillor Brian Patton (Labour, Henley) said the off-road bikes, purchased by the city council, had been a big success.

He said:

“The use of these bikes not only pose a safety risk to the people who rides them, but have become a hazard to innocent bystanders.”
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