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Trouble-makers Told To Stay Away

Troublemakers who prey upon a Hillfields estate in Coventry are to be told to keep away from the area.

Notices are due to be issued to the main offenders in a hard-hitting campaign aimed at stopping those responsible from entering the Brook Street estate in Hillfields.

Police and housing officers have been working together for some time to reduce the misuse of drugs and cut down on anti-social and nuisance crimes.

This was started following complaints from members of the community whose quality of life was being affected by others who did not live in the estate.

A decision was taken to target the individuals involved.

Written warnings telling them to keep away from the area have been issued today.

If those targeted are found to live in housing rented to them by the council they will be also be warned that their tenancy agreements could be in jeopardy because of their behaviour.

Sector Inspector Debbie Harrod said:

"If the individuals concerned choose to ignore these notices and return to the estate or continue their behaviour elsewhere in Hillfields then my officers will hand over the evidence gathered to the relevant authorities.

"Requests will then be put before the courts for injunctions.

"This partnership approach between the police and Coventry City Council is a good example of how by working together we hope to make a difference to the quality of life of law-abiding citizens.

"I would urge residents to speak to their local sector officers or use the reporting system through the Hillfields Community Safety people to identify any problems that continue to arise in the area or adjoining areas to the Brook Street estate."

Councillor John McNicholas, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services said:

"Coventry City Council is committed to reducing crime and anti-social behaviour on all our housing estates.

"People living in this area are concerned about the drug dealing and drug use and rightly so.

"We are taking this action to reclaim the estate and I hope those dealing or taking drugs take heed of these notices or face the consequences."

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